Next Generation Training for Collecting Families

Collecting families need to make provisions for the preservations of their collection and transmission from one generation to the next.

FAWM offers courses exclusively for families of exceptional art wealth on how to chart a creative and sound art succession plan that serves the family effectively over time.  Creating the right plan for an art collection requires a personal touch, taking into account the the unique financial needs, interests in providing for heirs and other beneficiaries.  An art collection requires the same strategic planning as other investments and with the help of skilled advice can become an effective working asset.  

Collecting families will gain an understanding of:

  • Charting a sound art succession plan.
  • Leaving a lasting legacy.
  • Selecting the best fiduciary structure.
  • Governance and standards of best practice.
  • Benchmarking the family collection.
  • Setting up a private museum or foundation
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