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How to Qualify for Membership:

To qualify for membership you must be one of the following:

  • Representative of a collecting family with significant art wealth
  • Sophisticated art investor
  • Single or multi-family office
  • Wealth manager
  • Professional advisor (e.g. trust & estate practitioner, private client law firm, accountancy firm).
  • Art market professional

Why Become a Member?

As the global leader in providing educational forums and insightful and practical analysis of the issues facing families with exceptional art wealth there are many benefits to becoming a member. Hear directly from collecting families, family offices, wealth management professionals, and art market experts.

  • Network with and gain unrivalled access to a global community of art wealth management professionals.

  • Address solutions to the unique challenges art investors and collecting families face via innovative agendas comprised of case studies, one on one interviews, roundtables, workshops and interactive panel discussions.

  • Communicate freely in exclusive, informal environments with an emphasis on privacy.

  • Build long-lasting relationships with thought leaders and a global community of art owning families and sophisticated art investors.